A Sinner’s Prayer for Peace


Dear God,

You are Good. Really. I mean it.

I am not.

I am stupid: I don’t know what is best for me.

I am foolish: I don’t want what is right, even when I know it.

I am weak: I can’t even do what I should when I want to.

Thank you that all my shame and failure has been swallowed up by the cross!

Thank you that you will give me everything I need — and all the desires of my heart — if only I let you.

Help me to trust in that, and cease my frantic striving.

Train my heart to hear your voice. And train my mind to hear my own heart.

Fill me with energy and strength to do everything — and only those things — you want me to attempt.

And remind me not to grow bitter or frustrated when those attempts fail, but to instead keep falling back on your grace.

Make me a beacon of peace and joy, so that others are warmed by your love rather then burnt out by my stress and insecurity.

This is impossible for me. Give me a miracle. Make me a miracle.

Show me your face. Don’t let me turn away. Bring me back when I do.

I ask this in the name of the Prince of Peace, who gave His life that I might live abundantly.


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