Christian Elementary Schools in the South Bay – 2013 Open Houses


My son Rohan is now “4 and 3/5ths” and will be graduating from Hearts and Hands Christian Preschool in the fall.  We are wrestling with which school he should attend next.  The primary criteria are:

  1. Christian formation
  2. Academic challenge
  3. Convenient location

This appears to be Open House season, so I need to compile a list of candidates to start scheduling and ranking them.  I figured I might as well do it online in case others find it useful or have suggestions.

The list below is based on the above criteria. The further it is from home (Santa Clara) or work (Cupertino/Sunnyvale), the more outstanding it needs to be in other dimensions for me to consider it.


Schools to evaluate (top picks in bold)

Secondary criteria to consider include:

  1. Year-round schooling
  2. Extended day care
  3. Hot lunches
  4. Associated preschool (for his little sister)

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