Back Cover Copy for Growing Church Leaders


Growing Church Leaders is a way for those who are mature to train the next generation of leaders in their churches to think biblically, live wisely, and serve faithfully. This course is designed to help senior leaders guide a small group of faithful men and women in:
* Memorizing Bible verses
* Reading classic Christian books
* Leading devotions, typically from Psalms or Proverbs
* Studying entire chapters of the Bible, verse by verse
* Exploring how Scripture applies to their lives
* Responding with repentance, action, and worship

Our prayer is that every growing church will invest in establishing future leaders on a solid foundation of biblical truth, Christian character, and spiritual discipline—i.e., practical holiness.

What Christian Leaders Are Saying

• “You have produced a Bible study magna cum laude.” —Luis Bush, Transform World.

• “Impressed with the quality of content and presentation … you are to be congratulated on a job well done!” —Barney Coombs, Salt and Light Ministries International

• “I really like the format, and it is well written for easy reading and good learning. I wish you well in this whole venture, which I believe will be of great benefit to the Body of Christ.” —Brian Watts, King’s Online Bible School

• “Ernie remained faithful to the teachings entrusted to him while presenting them in his own unique dialogue format. I enjoyed teaching the material in this book and look forward to our next class.” —John Isaacs, Kingsway Community Church

ERNEST PRABHAKAR is a ninth-generation Christian and second-generation immigrant from India. His ancestors converted from Hinduism in the early 1700s at the dawn of the Protestant missionary movement. His family immigrated to Chicago in 1967 a few months before he was born. He was raised and confirmed in the Lutheran Church, where his parents continue to be active in lay ministry.

Ernest holds degrees in physics from both Caltech and MIT, though for the last decade he has worked as a product manager for a large technology company in Silicon Valley. This book represents both the scientist’s desire to elegantly represent eternal truth and the marketer’s passion to communicate timely facts that engage the emotions and the will.

He and his wife Sandhya live with their two children in Santa Clara, California. They attend Kingsway Community Church in San Jose, where Ernest serves as a junior elder. You can often find him online at and

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