Immigrant, Physicist, Storyteller, Transformational Christian


[Autobiographical Blurb for the book jacket of Growing Church Leaders]

Ernest Prabhakar is a ninth-generation Christian and second-generation immigrant from India.  His ancestors converted from Hinduism in the early 1700’s at the dawn of the Protestant missionary movement. His family emigrated to Chicago in 1967 a few months before he was born. He was raised and confirmed in the Lutheran church, where his parents continue to be active in lay ministry.

Ernest holds degrees in Physics from both Caltech and MIT, though for the last decade he has worked as a product manager for a large technology company in Silicon Valley. This book represents both the scientist’s desire to elegantly represent eternal truth and the marketer’s passion to communicate timely facts that engage the emotions and the will.

He and his wife Sandhya live with their two children in Santa Clara, California. They attend Kingsway Community Church in San Jose, where Ernest serves as a junior elder. You can often find him online at and

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