Song: No Longer Alone


This is a song I wrote back in 1996 in my post-college, pre-Apple days in Pasadena, California. It was for a girl I knew — heck, it fit pretty much all the girls I hung out with and/or was interested in during that decade.

I also sang it during a “Christian Connection” (online dating site) cruise back in 1999, just before I met Sandhya. By God’s grace I got to perform for the ship talent show. I said I was part of a Christian singles group with 80 women and 15 men — and I was having a *great* time! (as was reported almost daily on the ship’s TV :-).

“But being single wasn’t always fun and games — and that’s why I wrote this song.”

No Longer Alone

© 1996 Ernest N. Prabhakar, Ph.D.

[also available in slide format]

  1. Verse 1

    • Come listen to my story about a lonely man
    • He lives his life from day to day, and does the best he can
    • Now he’s not one to curse his fate, or scorn what he’s received
    • But sometimes in the dead of night, he dreams of what might be
    • He cries, “God, I hate to trouble you, but something’s on my mind
    • I’ve been alone so many years, when will I ever find
    • Someone to share in all the love you freely share with me
    • A hand to hold, a heart to know, so I’ll no longer be
    • Alone.”
  2. Verse 2

    • Another time, another place, another voice is raised
    • A girl who strives to pay a debt, that grace alone can pay
    • Now she’s not one, to shirk the task, or flee to fantasy,
    • But sometimes in the dead of night, she dreams of being free
    • And she would cry unto the Lord, “When will you end this test?
    • I’ve spent my life in serving you, oh, where can I find rest?
    • A place where I can be myself, and not what others need,
    • A hand to hold me, a heart to know me, so I’ll no longer be
    • Alone.”

  3. Verse 3

    • Now all around are girls and boys who live their lives alone
    • Trapped by years of ancient fears and stranded far from home
    • Now I’m not one to change the world, but folks, this has to end
    • A lifetime is so very short for broken hearts to mend

    • And so I cry, “Dear God above! Please purify my heart,
    • Set my soul free from tyranny and grant me a fresh start
    • Where I can see your life break through my frail humanity
    • With hands that show, and hearts that know, that we need never be
    • Alone.”

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