Twelve Steps to Arrow-Proof Your Ministry


Apologies for the pretentious title, but I wanted to challenge myself to identify and reorganize the lessons we covered in last year’s leadership class into a coherent prescription for facing down “Ministry Killers”. The idea is that each of these “steps” would be a single “life lesson”, but that together they provide the “full armor of God.

What do you think? Did I miss anything important?

  1. Crucified Shame: Christ’s death heals our deepest needs and fears.
  2. Holistic Spirituality: the Holy Spirit superintending our heart, soul, mind and strength.
  3. Deep Repentance: confessing and correcting the underlying attitudes and beliefs that thwart God’s will
  4. Reconciled Relationships: replacing anger and bitterness with forgiveness and trust
  5. Authentic Accountability: frequent interactions on serious issues with a few close friends
  6. Submissive Servanthood: honoring our superiors in the way we carry out our ministry
  7. Humble Religiosity: pursuing personal holiness while preventing prideful legalism
  8. Healthy Sexuality: finding wholeness in constructive ways by dealing with the wounds that could destroy us
  9. Harmonious Families: holiness and happiness via respectful marital, parental, and filial relationships
  10. Sound Financials: giving to God and saving for the future
  11. Vocational Integrity: aligning our work and career with God’s larger call on our lives
  12. Sanctifying Sabbath: how genuine rest forces us to prioritize and face painful truths

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