The Kingdom of Love, Take 1


This last weekend, along with over a dozen members of our church, I had the privilege of attending Salt & Light’s
North American Leaders’ Conference (WEST) at The King’s Community Church in Langley, British Columbia (just outside Vancouver). We had the immense privilege of hearing from Bob Mumford, who actually founded our church many years ago. He is a deeply insightful speaker — and has been to hell and back since then — so it was a deep privilege to have him share directly from his heart.

In trying to summarize what he taught us over four days, I found myself returning to a phrase I’d started humming a few months ago “I want to live (3X) in the Kingdom of Love.” One thing led to another, and my summary turned into a song. To be honest, it is probably too terse and disjointed to work as either a summary or a hymn, but it was nonetheless useful as a way to help me digest the many things he taught. Perhaps someday I can refine it into something more useful.

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The Kingdom of Love
Ernest Prabhakar, 5/9/2007
Dedicated to Bob Mumford

In this world we face so much distraction
Tempting us to join up with some faction
Made-up selves, social or religious
So inadequate we fear they’ll someday kill us

I want to live
I want to live
I want to live in the Kingdom of Love

God is Truth, Compassionate and Faithful
Slow to Anger, Forgiving and Merciful
Full of Grace, He shares with us His glory
In the Face of Christ as we live out His story


Age to age, your church has been refined
Showing us, your holy pow’r divine
Teach us Lord, that we are merely stewards
That in our own selves we can not own your true words
(That is why)

We want to live
We want to live
We want to live in the Kingdom of Love

Help us Lord surrender to your prov-i-dence
In your blood, the baptism of rep-ent-ance
Help us grieve, our loss of false control
As we die to self may you revive our souls


We receive, your Kingdom our Inheritance
Free us from, our man-constructed governance
Help us love, not idolize your church
So we’ll represent your Kingdom here on earth


Lord complete, your glory through your A-ga-pe
We submit, our heart and mind and soul to thee
Transform us, by your pervading Spirit
To redeem a world that needs the Face of Jesus

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