A Retro-Modern Creed, Take II: The C of Love

As promised, here’s another attempt at a post-modern creed. However, I’ve chosen to use the term “retro-modern”, as this looks back towards modernistic creeds in a way informed by post-modern critiques. In particular, it posits “love” as the universal concept which transcends societal relativism, the way Einstein’s “c” (the speed of light) transcends the relativity of space and time.

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I believe in Love

I believe in Truth and Justice
as integral to Love
and enabled by Love

I believe that Truth, Justice, and Love
are part of the ultimate Reality
that we jointly perceive
with our senses, minds, and feelings

I believe the historical, social, and personal Jesus
manifests that Reality
whom He called Father
and we call God
in His life, death, and resurrection

Which is why I believe in Loving
God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength
one another as Jesus loves us
our neighbors as ourselves
and even our enemies

I believe in Happiness
based on giving and receiving Love
and expanding the domain of Truth and Justice

I believe in the Hope
that though everything is imperfect
yet nothing is ever in vain
even death itself

I believe in the Failure
of every human creed
including this one
but not of Love itself
or God’s own Self