A Post-Modern Creed, Take One: Truth, Justice and Love

In the Epilogue A Generous Orthodoxy, Brian confesses that the one thing he’d do differently would be to change the title to something like “Towards a Generous Orthodoxy”, since he’s providing more of a journey than a destination. I see this as both the strength and the weakness of his approach. I commend his courage and humility in leaving important questions open, rather than settling them prematurely (as Christians are wont to do), but I still want more.

[Read more] for my first (but probably not last) attempt to capture the essentials of a Generous Orthodoxy.

I believe in Love
as the ultimate justification for everything.

I believe Love requires Truth and Justice
in order to survive.

I believe Truth and Justice both require Love
in order to be correctly known and applied
though we grasp them all imperfectly.

I believe that Truth, Justice and Love
are themselves contingent on Something Greater.

I believe this Something
is also the ultimate Reality
behind our physical, emotional and logical experiences

I believe this Reality
is the God and Father of Jesus
who is called the Christ
and whom I call Lord

I believe the experience of Christ
personal, social, and historical
is the best (but not only) way to know Reality

I believe that if and as we seek to be like Christ
drawing on His Power and His Spirit
we will manifest Truth, Justice and Love
and nurture them in others
and thus draw near to God

I believe that because Christ died and rose again
we can have a sure hope and a sure knowledge
(even if nothing is ever certain)
that Truth, Justice and Love
are more Real
than Deception, Cruelty, and Hate.

And so I believe
that Love for Enemies
is both rational and essential
to avoid self-deception
and self-destruction

And that if I devote my life to Christ
to the wholehearted pursuit of Truth, Justice, and Love
that nothing will ever be in vain
not even death itself

I believe that following Christ
as best we know how
however imperfectly
in a state of perpetual reformation
is the surest route to personal, social, and theological happiness

Which is why I invite you to join me
not in a religion, or a belief system
in a romance
a relentless pursuit
an eternal joy
the undiscovered kingdom
of Truth, Justice and Love