FLOD: The Fountain of Love’s Overflowing Dominion

The following was partly inspired by a dream I had, sort of a cross between Cars and the Amazing Race, where I pulled into a gas station whose pump handle was like a can opener (the old kind that punched holes instead of removing the top). I sensed that God wanted to pump something directly into my heart, not merely the “gas tank” of my head. More, he wanted to force it in under pressure, so that when I “leak” (as I always do :-), it actually becomes a blessing, not a loss.
Though, I must admit it was also, indirectly, inspired by this.

The Fountain of Love’s Overflowing Dominion
June 12, 2006
Copyright 2006, Ernest N. Prabhakar

Lord, make me a Fountain
a Fountain of Your Love
a Fountain that Overflows
with Your Dominion
Your Kingdom and Lordship
Your transforming Presence

Lord, make me a Fountain
not just a Sponge that soaks it up
or a Barrel that holds it in
or a River that sends it along
or a Lake where it goes to die

Lord, make me a Fountain
tapped straight into your Well
the Artesian Well of You
that never runs dry
that needs no bucket
that does not wait to be called
but is knocking, ever knocking
waiting to be unleashed

Lord, make me a Fountain
not a Moat of defensiveness
or an Ocean of separation
but a celebration, and spectacle
a Shower and a Spring
where those who are thirsty
can come, and drink, and be satisfied

Lord, make me a Fountain
supercharged with You
that every hole punched in me
— no matter how much it hurts —
does not leak
but radiates

Lord, make me a Fountain
a shelter, an anchor
an oasis in the desert
the place of peace
the place of worship
the place of holiness
the place of unity
the place of You

Lord, make me a Fountain
spilling forth your goodness
filling the peoples
with the knowledge of You
as waters cover the Sea

Lord, make me a Fountain
lift me up
set me in high places
such that they see not i
but your Living Water
surrounding me
with its Rainbow glory

Lord, make me a Fountain
that feeds other Fountains
that filters their water
aerates it, supplies it
so it runs sure and pure

Lord, make me such a Fountain
that years from now
decades, centuries
when my strength is gone
and my stones are broken
Men may come and marvel
— not at the beauty of the fountain —
but at the Power of the Water
that flowed through it
for the healing of the Nations

In Jesus name. Amen.