Day 15: Formed for God’s Family – 40 Days of Purpose-Driven Life

Purpose #2: You Were Formed for God’s Family

Point to Ponder: I was formed for God’s family.

Verse to Remember: “His unchanging plan has always been to adopt us into his own family by bringing us to himself through Jesus Christ.” — Ephesians 1:5a (NLT)

Question to Consider: How can I start treating other believers like members of my own family?

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Today’s lesson introduces Rick Warren’s second purpose — being part of God’s family, as modeled in the Trinity:

“The Trinity is God’s relationship to himself. It’s the perfect pattern for relational harmony, and we should study its implications.”

Rick explores these implications in three sections:

* Benefits of Being in God’s Family
* Baptism: Identifying with God’s Family
* Life’s Greatest Privilege

This is one of the (few?) areas where my Indian heritage is both manifest and a distinct advantage: I automatically think in terms of community and group identity. Ever since I left for college at age 16, I have pretty much defined my identity in relation to the Christian community (college and/or church) I belonged to. So, at that level, I am fully aligned with Rick’s teaching about being part of God’s family.

Of course, the reality is somewhat more complex. I like to say that Indian culture is built around very close, very loving, very dysfunctional families! That’s something of an exaggeration — especially for my family, which is very functional by most standards — but contains more than a grain of truth. That is why I appreciate Rick’s focus on God and the Trinity — not our earthly families — as the standard against which we should measure our involvement with God’s family.

In many ways, I build my entire theology (and philosophy) around a trinitarian vision of reality, character, and community. To me, the trinity manifests three important truths in tension:

* Distinct roles and authority
* Mutual service and submission
* Unity amidst diversity

I look forward to exploring these facets of God’s character in the week ahead.

Prayer: God, you know that I’ve always identified with your people, but I’ve rarely loved them the way you do. Use this week, and this book, to help me better understand the reality of Your character, and what that means for our community. Help me to experience the joy of being submitted to the body — and headship — of Jesus Christ. For it is in His name I pray, Amen.

Epilogue: Thought for the Week
“It doesn’t matter if you succeed. What matters is that you fulfill your destiny!”