The Marriage of Love and Truth

I recently revived an old story, because of several ongoing discussions on truth and love:

The Mountain of God
The Marriage of Love and Truth

I just realized it could also be summarized in Apothegm form as:

Healthy Truth Promotes Love
Healthy Love Pursues Truth

or more explicitly:

Healthy Truth uses Facts to Promotes Love
Healthy Love uses Feelings to Pursues Truth

While apparently tautological, in fact this creates a virtuous cycle: the closer you are to genuine truth and love, the more they reinforce each other and widen the circle of authentic relationship. Conversely, attempting to build relationships on false ‘truth’ and false ‘love’ leads to ever-more inauthenticity and deception.

[Read More] for the backstory.

This story was originally written for a reading group at a Lutheran church in Cupertino. I had originally gone there hoping to meet women, but stayed even after I realized everyone was a) married, and b) over 60! We had read an article or book of some kind discussing the tension between truth and love, and I expressed my belief that they were really like parallel lines meeting at infinity. Since that didn’t make much sense to them, I figured I should put it in poetic form.

The amusing postscript to that story is the reaction of the group. One of the men came up to me and said, “Ernie, this is fantastic! You ought to be a full-time writer. You’re wasting your life! What do you do for a living?”

“Well,” I said, somewhat abashed, “I work for Apple.”

“Oh,” he said. “That’s okay, then.”

Apple: the only paying job morally superior to being a starving artist. 🙂