In Search of a New Hymn To Father

I’m collecting raw material for a new kind of worship song, focused on the Fatherhood of God:

* Pass the Flame

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I want a new hymn.

I believe the purpose of worship is to glorify God by bringing us into His presence in spirit and in truth. Yet, a lot of our worship simply seems to be reminding us of those aspects of God we already know and understand. Which, to be sure, is a good thing — but doesn’t go far enough.

I think we need to keep pressing deeper into God. In particular, i believe that everything we long for in the Christian life — healing, reconciliation, protection, provision, transformation — ultimately results from a deeper experience of God: being nurtured by God the Father, husbanded by Christ, and filled with the Spirit.

Yet, a lot of modern American Christianity seems premised on the fact that we already know God well enough — we just need to work on our technique, or willpower, or organization.

Bumpkus. Those things are all important, but only to the extent they serve as new wineskins for the new wine of God revealing Himself in and through us.

I’ve been frustrated in my worship over the last several months. My mind has been wrestling its way into a deeper understanding of what it means to have God as Father, and what it means for me as a man to manifest God’s character. Yet , to be honest, I haven’t found any worship songs that can help my spirit and soul embrace that same understanding. The typical worship song seems to be focused on experiencing God as a child or a bride; which, while valid aspects of the Christian life, are not enough for me as a man. I need to know God as my commander, my boss, my post-adolescent father — so that I know how to fulfill those roles in my own life.

I believe it is job of worship to help us holistically experience the relevant aspects of God’s character in order to grow closer to Him (in every sense of that phrase). The only song I can recall which does that really well is “This is my Father’s world” (above), which is a great song — but from another time and place. I want a song that speaks the same message — if not better — in the heart language of today. Heck, I really want an entire new genre of such music.

I haven’t found any such thing yet, so I figure I need to help father it. I’ve had breakfast this week with two friends from Harvest church who are worship leaders, who are moving in similar directions. It will be interesting to see what God might do with this…