The Father’s Healing Touch


Father, I am afraid.  I know so little.  I can do so little.  It hurts even to hope.

“Yea, though you have faith but as a grain of mustard, it will be enough.”

O Father, I cry out for your healing touch.
This world it hurts, it hurts so much.
My heart is weak, my eyes are dim
My faith is dead; can it live again?

You made the worlds, you made the seas
You made my wife, and you made me
You call me “Son”, you clean my tears
Embrace my pain, release my fears

I have a name, it is thine Own
You have a heart, it is my home
You give me work, you honor me
With joy fulfilled in liberty

O Father God, king of my heart
Help me, thy child, to be as thou art
Let me forgive those chains that bind
the insecurities of my own mind

Teach me your wisdom, teach me my strength
Help me to serve you, at any length
To sacrifice my mind and soul
For those you love, and you have called

for me to love them as thou dost
Thou I myself am nought but dust
So Father of Lights, I give thee me
I name myself as one set free

I’ll pay the price, I’ll pass the test
I’ll be the Man you see in Me
And scorn the fear 
that whispers “Don’t believe.”

Have mercy, Lord, on me your Son.
And grant me grace, ’til the day is won.

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