Day 34: We’re Called to Serve Together – By Sacrificing for Each Other

Point to Ponder: Serious service requires serious sacrifice
Verse to Remember: “…we must give our lives for other believers.” — I John 3:16b (GW)
Question to Consider: What sacrifice can you make that will enrich the lives of many?
[Read More] thoughts on Day 34 of Rick Warren’s 40 Days of Community, particularly about the difference between sacrifice and burnout, and other reflections from the Harvest Men’s Advance.

This past weekend was our men’s retreat (“Advance”). I made a conscious decision to not take my laptop, so I did Saturday’s devotion the old-fashioned way (which I’m summarizing today, Monday). The main realization I had was that:

* Sacrifice is nurturing others vs. indulging myself
* Burnout is indulging others vs. nurturing myself

That isn’t easy to discern correctly, but I think it captures the essence of the difference.

I was particularly blessed by this on Sunday when I locked my keys in the car, and my post-call wife had to sacrifice five hours sleep to bring them to me (and drive back). I prayed that God would restore her despite that, and He did: she came to both our final weekly session and our ministry time at Briarwood Manor. It was a significant sacrifice on her part, but God enabled her to do it without bitterness or pressure. I pray He continues to bless and strengthen her today, and this week.