Day 26: We’re Connected to Grow Together — By Giving Preference to Each Other

Point to Ponder: Let others go first.
Verse to Remember: “out of humility of mind everyone should give preference to others.” — Phiippians 2:3b (NJB)
Question to Consider: In what ways and situations do you need to “practice playing second fiddle” this week?
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This was an interesting lesson, as I think it touches on one of the more dangerous — though still essential — teachings of Scripture: giving way to others. In some cultures and communities, giving way to others becomes the first principle, leading to co-dependency and a lack of boundaries. Which may well be why Rick places it here, after discussing the need for honesty, warning, and confrontation.

To me, the key issue is one of symmetry — we show the same consideration for others as we’d want them to do for us: not more, not less. Rick is careful to use qualified language, e.g., “Sometimes showing preference for others means sacrificing.” “Always” isn’t necessarily healthy either. Humility also means being willing to let others serve you, and being honest with yourself about when you need it — while still trusting God first. A difficult balance.

That said, today’s admonition is still one I need to receive. When all is said and done, his list of required actions are absolutely true. We need to:

* Diffuse competition
* Eliminate pride
* Increase consideration
Against such things, there is no law.

Today’s admonition is to commit ourselves to listening and praying in specific ways for specific people. So, to better do that, I’ll skip the online prayer today so I can focus more directly on God. See you tomorrow.