Day 9: We’re Commissioned To Reach Out Together – By Using Our Small Group

Point to Ponder: “We” is more powerful than “me”
Verse to Remember: “…you are working together and struggling side by side to get others to believe the good news.” — Philipians 1:27b (CEV)
Question to Consider: Which of your friends and family members can your small group being praying for?
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I must admit, it is almost embarrassing to realize how much I needed to hear today’s message. I’ve been involved in small groups since my Intervarsity days, and I’ve always placed a high value on Community. However, in all honesty, its been a very long time since I’ve been part of a healthy small group with a strong focus on outreach. I’ve had some wonderful small groups, but they were primarily focused on nurture and personal growth (e.g., our young married’s class). Conversely, the outreach groups were just task forces, with very minimal relational dynamics.

Intellectually, I totally buy into Rick’s argument that “evangelism is a team effort.” In reality, however, that’s largely been no more than a theory; partly because I haven’t had a good context for incarnating that belief. Its actually rather exciting to think about it this way, as I’ve often felt impotent when it comes to personal evangelism. The idea of having a group that I can walk with — and will walk with me — feels very empowering: I can actually visualize tangible actions that would effectively impact people; something that difficult to do on my own.

Enough talk. Time to start doing.

Prayer: God, I pray for my neighbors, especially those of Indian descent. Father, I long for ways to demonstrate your love for them. Help me, through my small group, to find concrete ways to build bridges of relationship with them, to bless them and ultimately reconcile them with you. Relieve me of the false burden of having to do everything myself, that I might accept my true burden of fulfilling my role in your plan. Soften my heart, and sharpen my vision, that I may labor joyfully and fervently with my brothers and sisters to redeem those who are in bondage. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.