Day 4: We’re Compelled to Love God’s Family – Because It Shows We Are Saved

Verse: “We know that we have passed from death to life because we love other believers.” — I John 3:14 (GW)
Theme: Loving other believers is evidence we belong to God’s family
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Today’s devotional is a little unusual, in that the emphasis is on asking whether or not I am really a Christian. Not, as he quickly points out, that my love makes me a Christian (only grace can do that), but rather it demonstrates that I have already become a Christian.

“Do I truly love other believers? If there is no fruit, you should question the root!”

As might be imagined, the bulk of the chapter is targeted towards non-Christians. However, I often feel that these same questions are applicable, in part, to Christians. That is, I know that I have committed my life to Christ, but I also know there are many areas of my life that aren’t fully submitted to His Lordship, or even enjoying His Salvation. Yes, I’ve experienced His transformation empowering me to love others beyond my human capacity — but I want even more.


God, help me believe. I want to trust in your purpose for me, that you truly love every part of me, and desire to use everything I have for your glory and my good. Grant me faith that you can do even more with and for me that I dare imagine.

God, help me receive. I want to feel your forgiveness and acceptance, and see you fix the broken places that hinder my walk with you. Pour out your power on me, that I might overflow with love and blessing to those around me.

In the name of Christ Jesus, my Lord and Saviour, Amen.