Our Father, Part Punk

I’ve been experimenting with paraphrasing the Lord’s prayer to capture various perspectives. Today, somewhat unintentionally, I used the Lord’s prayer to help me cope with unmitigated rage. The result came out rather like a punk rock song. A bit unorthodox, but somehow I think the Psalmist would approve. [Read more] and let me know what you think.

Daddy, Daddy
A punk interpretation of the Lord’s Prayer
1/11/2005 Ernest Prabhakar

[punk rock beat]

Daddy, Daddy
I’m screaming for your name
What they’re doing to your world
its a crying shame

They’re filling it with lies,
anger cruelty and pain
Why can’t we live the way
that they do in heav’n?

Daddy, Daddy
Daddy, Daddy

Daddy, Daddy,
I know I need your help
Please take away my anger,
‘fore I hurt myself

Those villains with their sin,
evil malice full of hate
You know I’m just like them,
and I deserve their fate

Daddy, Daddy
Daddy, Daddy

[key change; lyrical section]

I have no forgiveness
When filled with emptiness
Alone and without power
Its either fight or cower…

[key change back]

No! No, no, no!

Daddy, Daddy
Daddy, Daddy

Daddy, Daddy,
you alone are the king
You are ruler and God
over each and every thing

You give me the power
you give me the love
You give me forgiveness
It all comes from above

You will heal the broken
You will save the weak
You will make a difference
If your kingdom I seek

Daddy, Daddy
Daddy, Daddy

All power
All glory
All kingdom
and rule

Is yours
For ever
and ever
and ever
and ever
and ever

Make it so!