Father to Geeks

No devotionals this week either — I suspect I’m still at the foot of the mountain with the Israelites, waiting for Moses. I’ve continued to wrestle with what it means to be a Man of God, as well as a Father and a Husband. I’ve had some interesting pastoral experiences trying to help birth well-rounded manhood in intellectual geeks, e.g.: academics & analysts, editors & educators, journalists & lawyers, philosophers & politicians, priests & pundits.

It reminds of my Good News for Modern Nerds that I wrote back at MIT, linked to below.

Good News for Modern Nerds
(aka the Nerd Bible)

I, Ernest N. Prabhakar,

Called by God to serve Him, and self-appointed apostle to the Nerds;

Realizing that people respond to the gospel most when presented in terms of their own language, and that the language of my chosen people, mathematica, is also one of the most universal languages known to man;

Herein have endeavored to translate the essentials of the gospel into Modern Calculus. For those not fluent in mathematica, I have provided a verbatim translation into English.