Dream: Cyborg 911


I am back at MIT
We are hosting an indoor public worship service
In a lobby or atrium
There are rows of chairs [like Hope SF]

I am a student, like when I was young
Or perhaps a graduate student

There are some foreigners acting oddly
Near the front of the middle section
Wearing suits
Talking in earpieces

I realize they are terrorists
One of them is enhanced
I jump on him
Pinning him to the floor

Chaos ensues
People jump up and run away

Fortunately for me
He does not have super-strength

He is not impressed by my efforts
He doesn’t even try to escape
He taunts me

I yell at a passerby
To call 911
They glance nervously and walk away

I wonder
Why I didn’t ask one of my friends
The organizers still hanging around
To call

Then I wake up


I wonder
If this is about the church
And demonic forces
In our midst

I wonder
If I see things
Nobody else does
Or possibly
Not really there

I wonder
What everyone is afraid of
And why I am so sure
And so bold

I wonder
Why my enemy
Is not afraid of me
Even if I am stronger

I wonder
Who I can turn to
Whom I don’t trust

I wonder
What God may be trying to tell me

I wonder
What I should fear
And if I am fearing
The wrong thing

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