Dream: The Clumsy Lieutenant


Season 1

The first series is live action, starring a young Tom Hanks as a socially-awkward, mechanically-inclined army private.
His obsessive tinkering frequently annoys his lieutenant, who is always tripping over half-finished projects and getting minor injuries.

Tom Hanks is also responsible for walking the lieutenant’s two dogs (much like mine).
They have a habit of finding their way to the yard of the pretty girl next door.

Eventually, towards the end of the season, Tom realizes he is in love with her.
Even though he doesn’t know how she feels, he is determined to court her.
But he is about to be shipped out to a new base.

Tom gathers his courage and approaches the captain for a transfer, so he can stay.
The captain is sympathetic, but unyielding.
“You signed up for two years, and that means you have to go where we send you.”

The season ends on a cliffhanger, with Tom driven away on a bus, while the girl watches from her yard.
Possibly with tears in her eyes.

Season 2

The series is not renewed. Exactly.
But sometime later it is reborn as an animated series, in the style of Duck Tales. Possibly to lower production costs.

The introduction makes clear that the Lieutenant, now retired, has continued in his clumsy ways.
Apparently his injuries were not all Tom’s fault!
In fact, they become so serious he loses a leg.

In the Pilot, Tom returns to town and discovers the lieutenant’s predicament, somewhat like Forest Gump with Lieutenant Dan.
He determines, against feeble protests, to build him an artificial leg.

He also starts walking the dogs again.
At the end of the episode, we see what appears to be the girl from season one — still single and beautiful.
But we don’t know if they see each other.
Though there is a hint one of the dogs may recognize her.

But it is just a pilot.
I don’t know if the full season was ever made.

Then I wake up.

I wonder if I should Google for “animation in the style of Duck Tales” so I can find out.

Then I realize it was all a dream.

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