5/5 Limer-Epick: Mirror Grace


It isn’t exactly a flaw
That we tend to mirror the law
The boundary
Between you and me
Is how we “identity” claw

In this world we strive to survive
The hard price of being alive
When your law hits me
I strike back at thee
To ensure that me and mine thrive

There’s glory in winning that fight
But that doesn’t mean it is right
When I reject you
There’s part of me too
That I exile into night

The reason I can’t stand your pain
Is that my poor finite brain
Lacks enough space
To find the grace
To build a world where we both gain

The evil that I assign you
To be honest, is partly true
It is your ego
That makes you say “no”
To the good I want to do

But the deeper problem is this
That very same analysis
Shows that I do
The same thing to you
When you are blocking my bliss

The prize for which we both vie
Is whose ego-self has to die
I’ll show you who’s boss
As you bear my cross
So I can protect my “I”

Into this murderous tale
Grace now sweeps in like a gale
And whispers: “Don’t fear
But what you hold dear
Is actually the reason you fail

The ego that helped you to stand
Was built on foundations of sand
You’ll find your true ‘me’
When from it you’re free
Exactly as Jesus has planned

The horror I now need to face
Is how I have betrayed God’s grace
Do I still believe
That Christ I’ll receive
If I let Him, ‘self’ erase?

The mirror I first need to see
Is your brokenness inside me
The reason your law
Sticks in my craw
Is that we’re both running from “we”

The cross that you don’t want to bear
I’m also unwilling to share
Perhaps that is why
Christ had to die
To help us escape from that snare

For this is the lie I believed
That God’s grace was merely received
The battle is won
When slave becomes son
As ego is finally grieved

I thank God for showing me why
My false ego-self has to die
And you played a part
Unmasking my heart
Revealing we shared the same lie

So now the contest is flipped
When by God’s grace I am gripped
I race to my cross
To show you my Boss
Is making me fully equipped

And the greatest joy of them all
Is that you are saved by my fall
For when you see
Christ die with me
You too, will answer His call

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