Dream: Infiltrate


Our school has been taken over.
We are going to take it back.

Scene 1: The Gym

A group of us are gathered in the gym.
Planning what to do.
Several goons come up and start throwing boxes at us.
I look around and see a bunch of folding tables.
I belatedly realize we should have set them up in a defensive perimeter.

I spy a thin, light table.
I grab it and start swinging at the boxes.
I don’t stop them all.
But my resistance surprises them.
And they back off.

Scene 2: The Hunt

The rest of the team is working on organization.
How will they actually take over running the school?

My job is to find The Bad Guy in charge.
I see some goons moving a piano up the stairs.
I figure their Boss must be in the upper levels.
They probably took over the administrative offices.

Scene 3: The Woman

I am sneaking around trying to find a way up.
Suddenly I spy a woman watching me from a doorway.
She is dressed head to toe in black.
Only her face visible.
But with a red headdress of some kind.

I run over to her and grab her by the throat.
She has a plastic bottle tied there to protect herself from being choked.
I start working my thumbs under it anyway.
“Give me a reason not to kill you,” I whisper.

She is not frightened.
Her eyes blaze with anger.
But not necessarily at me.

“I am part of the resistance,” she tells me.
“I know where he is.
I know how you can stop him.
You just have to trust me.”

Then I wake up.

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