4/16 Poem: Unjust Deserts


When the world hurts
We want just deserts
A law that is true
Protects me from you

This comes at a cost
Intimacy lost
The urge to condemn
Splits women and men

Where is the place
We both can find grace?
Only at a cross
That absorbs our loss

The wounding is real
Yet His stripes can heal
But first I must see
That He died for thee

The sins that He bore
Includes also your
Once I see His plan
I’m born a new man

The portion that died
Was only my pride
The grace that He gives
Means more of me lives

When Jesus I know
I shrug off ego
And embrace the hurts
Of unjust deserts

Today I will let pain
Rip away false ego
So my true self
Can give and receive love
Like Jesus

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