4/4 ChatGPT Poem: See It All


Not very emotionally satisfying — and not really in my style, perhaps because I didn’t do much poetry before 2021— but I had to try it at least once!

I do like the second stanza. What do you think?

ChatGPT Prompt

  • Write a poem in the style of Ernest Prabhakar with the title “see it all”
  • Make it about how God sees all of us.


In His sight, my dear, God sees every joy and tear. The triumphs, the trials, the hopes, the fears, His love, forever near.

He sees us all, every soul, Every part, every whole. Our imperfections, our lives, our role, His grace, His mercy, making us whole.

He sees the broken, the wounded, the lost, Every heartache, every cost. His arms, always open, at any cost, His love, the ultimate cross.

He sees us all, the rich and the poor, The humble, the proud, the insecure. His love, forevermore, The key to every closed door.

In His sight, my dear, God sees the past, the present, the coming year. Our dreams, our hopes, our every tear, His love, forever near.

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