Dream: Duck Type Casting


If it walks like a duck

I think we are making a children’s TV show.

These kids are in love with an actual duck.
Who doesn’t do much.
Like Phineas & Ferb with Perry.

One of the larger kids dresses up in a giant, non-realistic duck costume.
They go on various misadventures.

This intersects somehow with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

There’s two versions of the tool for accessing it.
The first does a few small things really well.
The second does many large things very badly.

Most people use the second.
They’ve even forgotten about the first.

The second makes them feel powerful.
It can be used to — almost — solve all kinds of problems.
But they don’t see the “almost.”

The kid in the duck costume.
He remembers the first.
He is the only one who actually sees all the problems caused by the second tool.
And uses the first one to fix them.

The other kids trust and obey him when he wears the duck costume.
And ignore or ridicule him when not.

Even though they clearly see and know
That both are him.

This is about the church.
God is AWS. [Clearly I’m working too hard!]
Jesus is the duck.
The second tool is institutions.
The first is the cross.

Am I the kid in the duck suit?

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