Dream: The Lost Crown


My wife Sandhya knows where it is.
She tied a yellow string to it.

She had found it.
But doesn’t rememberer exactly.

It is at the bottom of a lake.
Fortunately, not a large one.

I wish we had something to float on.
I remember we have boogie boards back behind our shed.
But it looks like she has one now.
And I have a surfboard.
I shrug and follow her into the water.

I think I am tough for braving the cold.
But the water is actually warm.
Comfortable, even.

Also, the lake isn’t very deep.
I can actually just stand on the bottom.

We start searching for the yellow ribbon
Floating on the surface of the water.
It’s not easy to see.
It is night.
We don’t carry lights.
But the moon and shore lights should suffice.

I wonder if the crown will still have golden hair
From the princess who was attacked
By the knave who stole it.
That would be useful evidence against him
But it is probably all washed away.

We don’t see it.
I ask Sandhya to investigate
Every tiny whirlpool
And piece of flotsam
To see if that’s it.

I’m kind of annoying.
We still don’t find it.

The lake is placid
But there is a waterfall in one corner.
Dangerously tall.
With a very strong current.

I feel its tug when I wander near.
And force myself to stay away.

The lake is not large.
We’ve explored basically the whole area
Without success.

Now what?


  • Is it my crown I’m seeking?
    • Am I also the knave who stole it?
  • Am I expecting my wife to find it?
    • Is she also the princess I wronged?
  • What is the waterfall?
    • Why is it so dangerous?
    • Why do I find it hard to resist?

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