1/5 Poem: Viti Culture


The cultivation or culture of grapes, especially for wine making


Though Culture may think it’s divine
It must draw its strength from a Vine

The way that you relate to me
Is based on our identity

That identity in it’s turn
Is fed by the status we earn

The status games that thus persist
Show us what values subsist

The tradeoffs those values entail
Reveal the One Thing we can’t fail

What is the Belief we live for
That all are required to adore?

What is it we hold as True
Whose doubters we kill without rue?

Is it pride in our race or our tongue
Or creeds that we breath from our lung

Perhaps ancestors who used to live
Or freedoms our victories give

These Vines that do nourish our land
Oft lead to far more than we planned

We celebrates fruits that are sweet
Ignoring those trod by our feet

The bitter truth that we must face
How glory was earned by disgrace

Points us to the only way out
Worthy of our worship devout

The paradox which we must feed
Is losing’s the way to succeed

The very things we hold most high
Are precisely the ones that must die

The hole in the center we fill
By One even death cannot kill

A Life so transcendent and pure
That when all things end, will endure

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