12/30 Poem: Nearly New


When worldly woes make us feel blue
We must recall we’re “nearly new”

Too often it feels like the end
Our brokenness too great to mend
All that we once cherished is lost
Forgotten, how much it had cost

Yet this is the scandalous truth
Old age is precursor to youth
Like seasons that turn on a wheel
The false must give way to the real

The hard fact that we must accept
Is our past was really inept
Despite all those glories so great
The seed of corruption did wait

That flaw was the source of our strength
It bound us all to one wavelength
Such unity carried a price
Outsiders we must sacrifice

And now that the tables have turned
We know how it feels to be spurned
And so with our mouths we confess
WE are the cause of this mess

The good news that we must attend
Is this is the start, not the end
For when I am broken with you
Together, this world we renew

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