WADACAM! Men’s Weekend (Fall 2022)


Details TBD: Probably Labor Day Weekend somewhere in Northern California

WADACAM! Weekend Workshop is a mashup spiritual retreat and boot camp. The goal is to equip men to succeed in their most important and difficult challenges (i.e., relationships). We do this by tapping into the power of the cross via an innovative small group process known as Rings of Reconciling (pronounced “RoR!”).

There is no stage, speaker, or lecture. Instead, together we practice listening to and receiving God’s Word, Spirit, Body and Blood. This both inspires AND empowers us to more deeply connect with:

  • God (Worship)
  • Self (Discipleship)
  • Each Other (Community)
  • Our World (Mission)

This Fourfold Reconciliation (pronounced “G-SE-OOW!”) integrates often disjointed aspects of our faith into a seamless cycle of continually growing us all closer to Jesus: Worship AS Discipleship AS Community AS Mission. WADACAM!


  1. Reactions Speak Louder Than Words, Part 3: If God is for Us // Andy Stanley (YouTube)
  2. Suki’s Kimono (Children’s Book)
  3. Whole-I-Ness: A New Job to Be Done for Christianity (Spiritual Entrepeneurship Thesis)
  4. My One Thing: Keep Growing Closer to Jesus (Personal Manifesto)

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