The Right Holy


What if we as Christians redefined our current understanding of “holiness” to match what God intended in Genesis, and Christ demonstrated in the gospels?

Holiness as a denomination has typically been defined in terms of what we do not do. This presumably starts with the best of intentions; but it always ends in Pharasaism.

The Methodist approach of practical change was better, but by its very utility can easily end up as deistic self-help.

I identify more with the pietistic tradition of Bible study and quiet times. But even that has a monastic focus on our personal holiness as an isolated individual.

Real holiness, on the order of Adam, is lived out in relationships to others and the world, by learning to love like Jesus. It is a practice we are continually striving to get better at as a community; not a list of rules we can proudly check off for following.

It probably resembles Jesus feasting with tax collectors and sinners.

What would it look like if we built a faith community with that as its foundation; even its obsession?

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