Spiritual Christianity Poster: Primitive Faith for a Postmodern World


[Final version of Spiritual Christianity: Theology, Simplified]

PassionTalks Poster Session, August 11, 2018

Convergence House of Prayer, Fremont, California




Spiritual Christianity strips away centuries of Greek philosophy and religious terminology to create a “powerful yet user-friendly” framework for understanding God and His work using concepts meaningful to the modern (or even post-modern!) mind. Key features include:

  • Unifying evangelism and discipleship via the Six Syllable Gospel “God loves us like Jesus”
  • Identifying the modern “psyche” with the Biblical “spirit” so the world can see us becoming psychologically healthier as Christ cleanses us from sin
  • Reframing the process of spiritual maturity in terms of holistic practices rather than intellectual learning.


Dr. Ernie is a Caltech physicist who spent 15 years leading UNIX Product Management during the “second coming of Steve Jobs” at Apple, where he shipped the first ancestor of iOS. The terrorist attacks of 9/11 triggered a decades-long investigation into the political, economics, philosophical, theological, and psychological causes and cures of evil. In 2014 he left Apple to experiment with new ways of using Spiritual Entrepreneurship to demonstrate the Kingdom of God to people using meaningful experiences and transformational work.

Statement of Faith

  1. I embrace the One who created the universe as my Heavenly Father who loves us like Jesus.
  2. I am committed to continually becoming more like Jesus in my awareness, values, and goals.
  3. I submit to God’s Holy Spirit and the Bible in order to reveal and heal the wounds in my spirit.
  4. I choose to value God’s happiness, glory, and relationships more than my own.
  5. I practice generosity and vulnerability so others can see Christ in me.
  6. I surrender my childlike happiness for the grown-up joy of loving like Jesus.

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