D-Church Panel: Redesigning Church in the Digital Era


Live Event hosted by Analog.

  • Thu, April 27, 2017
    6:30 PM – 9:30 PM PDT
  • Google Mountain View Campus: LMK-2 Diller
  • 1883 Landings Drive Mountain View CA 94043 US

Update: Podcast audio now available.


The modern church was born in the era of broadcasting: mass-market publishing, sound systems, radio, and television. These technologies enabled it solve certain tasks (e.g., teaching, worship music, announcing and producing events) incredibly well.  However, by making some problems much easier to solve than others, those same technologies can subtly influence what we focus on and what we ignore.

We are now entering a new era of digital communication, with greater interactivity, richness, and immediacy than could have been imagined thirty years ago.  What are the implications for learning, evangelism, discipleship, and outreach? What new problems does that enable us to solve?  Which traditional problems and solutions can be profitably revisited? Can all these changes lead us to a deeper understanding of what God truly wants the church to be?


Our goal is to host an interactive panel discussion, bringing in a diverse group of thinkers and practitioners from across the country who are wrestling with how best to spread the Kingdom of God in this new era.  We have a small set of provisional questions (below) to seed the discussion, but the goal is to foster interactive Q&A to engage the audience. We want to enable all of us to use our unique contexts and skills to make the body of Christ more effective, as we face the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

Provisional Questions

  • Where do you hope to see the body of Christ becoming more effective?
  • What are some of the most exciting models you are currently studying or experimenting with?
  • Which tools and platforms are helping you reimagine and implement those models?
  • What are the key open questions you are hoping to find answers to in the near future?
  • Where could people plug in to learn more and participate?

About D-Church

D-church is a community of people re-imagining how the body of Christ organizes and functions in the 21st Century.  The “D” stands for the four key distinctive of D-church:

  1. Discipleship as the goal, rather than mere membership or conversion.
  2. Design thinking (as in the Stanford d.school), implying continuous, iterative improvement in our systems for making disciples.
  3. Decentralized systems (like git or the blockchain), rather than centralized hierarchies as in most modern churches and mission organizations.
  4. Digital spaces as full partners with physical space, rather than competitors or mere supplements.

We attempt to love the church as Christ does, helping her become everything He dreams for her. We invite you to join us online at the D-Church Google Group.

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