He’s Worth It: Worship in Three Syllables


Part 4 of 6 in the series Childlike Theology

Discipleship is hard. It requires facing ugly truths about ourselves, letting go of coping strategies that served us well in the past, and taking responsibility for larger dysfunctions that really aren’t our fault.

Human motivation can only get us so far. Ultimately Christ will ask us to surrender the very thing that originally inspired us to pursue discipleship; even our desires for truth, approval, and self-esteem. Not because those desires are bad, but because they — like everything — must be crucified and reborn (repeatedly) to become what Christ intended them to be.

The only sufficient motivation I have found for undergoing such radical restructuring is a deep appreciation for just how much the Father and Son sacrificed to demonstrate their love for me. Supported by a comparably deep hatred for how badly sin keeps me and those I love from enjoying and expressing that love.

To me, that is the ultimate purpose of worship: celebrating and reminding us that Jesus was, is, and will be worth everything it takes to follow Him, including becoming like Him in His sufferings.

It is not worth it — but He is.

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