Introduction: The Road to Holiness


“Holy, Holy, Holy”: Growing Church Leaders

Introduction: The Road to Holiness

They [the four living creatures] do not rest day or night, saying:

“Holy, holy, holy,

Lord God Almighty,

Who was and is and is to come!” — Revelations 4:8b

I did not intend to write about holiness.  My goal was to develop a Bible study for training Christian leaders.

To ensure balance, I felt it important to simultaneously nurture the:

  1. Mind (theology)
  2. Heart (character), and
  3. Soul (discipline).

Only near the end did I realize those three dimensions reflect Andrew Murray’s

depiction of God as “The Thrice-Holy One”, who says:

  1. I am Holy (God’s nature)
  2. Be Holy (our nature)
  3. I make Holy (the process)

In other words, I discovered that the essence of Christian leadership is the same as the essence of God Himself: holiness!

But what exactly is holiness? We will be spending the next thirty-six weeks exploring that question.  At is most basic level, however, the word holy means set apart.

The first thing we must learn is that God is distinctly Other; He is not quite like anything we have experienced before. Yet paradoxically, God desires that same “other-ness” to be manifest in us. We can never make ourselves other than what we are, yet somehow we can let God remake us in the image of His holy name.

May this course help you comprehend and be conformed to that name.

One thought on “Introduction: The Road to Holiness

  1. Thanks for your teaching; I am blessed.Do send some more weekly to learn as a Bible student and teacher of the Word.

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