About Growing Church Leaders


Growing Church Leaders is a tool for pastors and others in active ministry who want to nurture the next generation of leaders to:

  • think biblically
  • live wisely
  • serve faithfully

Each of those three topics is covered in a separate module of twelve lessons each.   Every lesson includes:

  • scripture to memorize
  • assigned readings from classic Christian books
  • devotional time, typically from Psalms or Proverbs
  • interlinear bible study covering an entire chapter
  • discussion questions
  • RAW (Repent, Act, Worship) challenges

The goal of all this is to teach theology, character formation, and christian disciplines in context. Specifically, in the context of:

  • the whole counsel of Scripture
  • existing pastoral relationships
  • the local church
  • loving God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength

Our prayer is that existing leaders will use this as a vehicle to pass their values and vision on to the next generation, by meeting on a weekly basis for nine months with “faithful men and women, who will in turn pass it on to others.”

To that end, this course is also available for free at <https://2transform.us/grow> under a Creative Commons license, allowing you to customize and adapt it as needed (as long as you allow others to do the same).

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