Rebranding the LEAD Class


While exploring publication options, one key piece of advice that jumped out at me was to choose an appropriate title, since that influences keywords, URLs, and everything else that people will use to find a book. I’ve never been entirely happy with “Leadership Enrichment and Development” because of its extreme generic-ness, despite the catchy acronym ‘LEAD’.

The two themes that I’d like to emphasize are:

  • Training Church Leaders
  • Interlinear Bible Study

The challenge is finding a viable name that isn’t already taken. Here’s what  I’ve found in use so far:

After naming the series, we also need to title the individual volumes, currently:

  • Theological Foundations
  • Christian Character
  • Skills for Service

Not bad, but somewhat unbalanced (not fully alliterative, or evocative).  For alliteration, we could change the first to “Thinking Theologically“.  Conversely, to pursue the construction metaphor, we could make the last two “Constructing Character” and “Sharpened for Service.” But that might be too cheesy even for me

Any suggestions?

4 thoughts on “Rebranding the LEAD Class

  1. When we were at KBCTC in Oxford, the slogan was:
    “Think Theologically, Live Reflectively, and Make a Difference.” These seem to echo the 3 sections of the LEAD course.

    I like the idea of using “think” instead of “thinking.” “Thinking” communicates that this book is *about* Thinking Theologically. “Think” communicates that this book will actually teach you to Think Theologically.

    How about:
    1. Think Theologically
    2. Live Uprightly
    3. Serve Skillfully

    Then part of the branding could be Think.Live.Serve

    I don’t have lots of ideas regarding a new title for the whole project.

  2. Semi-random brainstorm ideas:

    a) Building Church Leadership: A Transformational Group Bible Study

    b) Foundations Of Leadership: A Transformational Bible Study

    c) Nurturing Christian Leaders: An Interlinear Bible Study Series

    d) The Transforming Christian Leadership Bible Course

    e) Training Leaders by Studying the Bible

    f) Bible Studies on Church Leadership

    g) Bible Studies for Church Leaders
    i) Volume One: Building Biblically
    ii) Volume Two: Cultivating Character
    iii) Volume Three: Developing Discipline

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