In Memory of a Dog


[Update: born 1993, not 1983]

Good-bye, Queen Bee Lucy. Yes, you were “only” a dog. But if it is true that love never dies, then you surely have a place in heaven.

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Rest In Peace, Devoted Friend.

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Good Bye to a Friend
by John & Esther Prabhakar

Our beloved friend was born in the land of Thousand Lakes, the State of Minnesota. But never once did she get into a lake for a swim. She and her sister moved into a beautiful home in Rochester, Minnesota in 1993. Her mom Lorra and dad Larry are both doctors and so she received the best of care. But our friend had no interest in following in their footsteps. She loved playing all day with her sister Maggie in the big back yard or out in the park. When she was happy, she ran around in circles. Grand parents came for visits and enjoyed her company. Their parents shared their bed with .. till their first son Nicholas was born. Our friend did not mind that, in fact she was curious and gave him a kiss or two. Then the second baby Hannah was born who happened to be a dog lover, our friend was extremely happy. All the food that dropped from the high chair, were hers and her other sister’s. She received a lot of hugs, kisses and squeezes from Hannah.

Years passed and homes changed. Our friend moved to Illinois to live with her grand parents in Rochelle. She loved having a fenced in yard and daily walks. She chased the squirrels and even barked at the neighbors. She rode in the car with her sister and became a sweet heart of the town. Drive in banks had dog treats ready, when her car showed up at the window! Our friend lost her sister but she over came that loss by becoming more like her sister. Our friend became more lively, friendly and even bossy. Two more babies came to the family. Sophie was her silent admirer and loved her very much. The youngest Lily, became her best buddy and play mate. They always exchanged kisses. Lily even has her own book about her friend.

Our friend greeted everyone who walked in with a gift in her mouth. She woke up her uncle Ernie in the morning, when he came home for the holidays. She learnt to use the doggie door. She rode in a basket in the bicycle. She did a few tricks for a lot of treats. Our friend acted in all the family skits, played games with the family, dressed up for Halloween and and became the most photographed celebrity in her household. Her fourteenth Birthday was celebrated with gusto last March 10. She shared her Birthday with her aunt Sandhya. When her grand parents traveled, Lucy also traveled to her country estate in Belvidere. Dr. Malaker gave her shots every day when the family was out of town. Many neighbors helped out in her care also.

Our friend reached middle age and was plagued by Diabetes and Pancreatitis. She continued to be her cheerful self and gave much joy to the family. Finally she lost her eyesight and her hearing was also affected. Her routine walks by car and ‘finding Daddy’ games continued. Of course Daddy had to come and stand right in front of her to be found!

Our friend’s Good Friday was August 31, 2007. Her family had a chance to say good bye. She breathed her last peacefully on that day and went to Dog heaven. Today, Saturday is the day of mourning for her friends and family. On Easter – Sunday September 2nd, we will rejoice and praise God for her life that was full of unconditional love and devotion to her family.

Good Bye our best friend – Lucy Queen Bee Prabhakar.
We praise God for your friendship.
March 10, 1993 – August 31, 2007

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