My Brother Doc Prabhak


One of the reasons I often go by “Dr. Ernie” is that my family is full of “real” (medical) Doctor Prabhakars.  That, and it is too hard to pronounce or spell!  But my elder brother (and surgeon) Larry managed to acquire the hip-sounding nickname “Doc Prabhak” while chaperoning his son’s Kantorei choir trip. In the words of one of the kids:

The chaperones this year could not have been better. Each one of them was wonderful and deserves much thanks. One in particular comes to mind: Dr. Prabhakar, better known as Doc Prabhak. He was the head chaperone (and mine too). My group awarded him the “Most Song-Inspiring Chaperone.” Many songs were parodied in his honor.   

Way to go, Doc Prabhak! 

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