DiaBlogue to Chatalogue


Given our recent troubles, Alan and I decided to experiment with a different format: Instant Messaging (aka Chat). Hopefully the greater interactivity of our “chatalogue” will help keep us on track.

I am blogging our initial chat, below, purely to help me refine my “transcript reformatter” script, to provide an appropriate online record. I may delete it later, since it contains no useful information…

Chatalogue Key:

E: (bold) Ernie Prabhakar
A: (italic) Alan Lund

E: Hey, it works!

A: Howdy!

A: Are you still at work, then?

E: Yeah.

E: Though, it is a quiet afternoon.

A: You almost missed me. I am about ready to leave.

E: Okay, I’ll try again in a couple hours.

E: Talk to you then.

A: OK, see ya.

E: bye

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