Welcome to 2Transform.US


Alas, parting is such sorrow, but time marches forward, and all those other cliches.

Yes, I finally made the plunge and moved into the 21st-century. For those long-suffering readers who’ve been dying to leave comments, now you can — so please do!

While the first ~3 years of “Radically Happy: A Transformational Bible Blog” will continue to be archived as static iBlog-generated HTML at www.drernie.com, I’ve succesfully migrated all that content (thanks to AgitProp) onto WordPress.com. From now on, I get to use a modern blogging tool (Ecto), and y’all get the benefit of a dynamic blogging platform with comments and trackback and everything.

So, why WordPress? Well, for one thing they supported the Movable Type import exported by AgitProp. Two, it feels much smoother and richer than my Blogspot blogs. There’s very nice management and tracking tools, as well as the ability to create custom top-level pages.

That said, I’m hedging my bets. In particular, I blew $25 so I can use a custom domain name: 2Transform.US (as in, “to transform us”). That way, if I decide to re-migrate somewhere else later, all my (and your!) links won’t change.

We now return to our regularly scheduled Bible Study…

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