Review: What Dr. Ernie Prabhakar Believes About God

A catalog of creedal and apologetic posts about faith, truth, and Christianity. [Last updated 2007-01-10].

This list, with its Google-friendly title, is for anyone who wants more context about what exactly it is that I believe. These post were all written in different contexts, so they aren’t very systematic, but hopefully you can find a few meaningful needles amidst the bloviated haystack.


* A Radical Centrist Manifesto (starting from Reality)
* A Minimal Subset of Shared Beliefs (with atheistic DiaBloggeur Alan )


* The Universe, And Three Examples (an ontological definition of divinity)
* The Ethical Trilemma (the hard moral problem Christianity answers)


* A Post-Modern Faith in Jesus (Jesus beyond Modernity)


* My “Standard Model” of Christianity (emergent beliefs & love)
* Fundamentalish Theory (Christianity vs. Fundamentalism)
* Transformationalism (beyond Evangelicalism, in Wikipedia)
* Song: GraceFather


For context, here are my other blogs and online profiles:

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* UnityWatch (for Unity ’08)