A Moving Experience

In case anyone’s wondering why I’ve been posting so infrequently (sorry, Alan), it is because we have been moving! After three years in Sacramento while Sandhya attend residency in Family Medicine, we’ve moved back to the San Jose area (actually, Santa Clara). She starts with the Camino Medical Group on August 21st. I’ll miss the once-weekly three-hour commute (each way!) to Apple HQ, but I look forward to the insanely high cost of living. 🙂

We moved out on Thursday, and in yesterday. We’re really happy with our huge new house, even if it is full of boxes and a work in progress (like the rest of us ;-). For those of you in Silicon Valley: I’m back!

I’d like to promise this means I’ll catch up on my blogs, but the fact is we’re leaving for India in a week, so please don’t be alarmed if you don’t hear much until later in August.

Best wishes,
Ernie Prabhakar
Santa Clara, CA