The Creed of Love’s Dominion (CoLD)

This Creed of Love’s Dominion (CoLD) is the theological counterpart of my Radical Centrist Manifesto. It summarizes my religious (non-contingent) beliefs about the nature of divinity.

After one, two, three, four-and-a-half attempts, [Read More] to see what I’m happy with enough to label “Version 1.0.” It may not be perfect (watch for updates), but at least it captures what I genuinely believe to a tolerable degree of precision.

The Creed of Love’s Dominion
Version 1.0, 6/29/2006

I believe in Love

I believe in Truth and Justice
as integral to Love
and enabled by Love

I believe in Happiness
as the experience of Love
overflowing Truth and Justice

I believe Evil
taints all human Love

I believe in one God
of Truth, Justice, and Love
over all

I believe in Jesus
manifesting God
in His life, death, and resurrection

I believe the Spirit
of Grace and Forgiveness
transforms us in Jesus’ Name
as we submit
to Love’s Dominion

I believe in Loving
God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength
one another as Jesus loves us
our neighbors as ourselves
& our enemies

I believe in Love
that dies
yet never fails