Boston Consulting Group, on Charity Transformation

Every time I’m tempted to get cynical about my former life as a management consultant, my alma mater BCG goes and does something thoughtful — and transformational! — like this (Read More).


These are countries in which children often go without enough food and where many have no access to education. Many such places suffer under oppressive dictatorships and dire economic situations in addition to less-than-adequate living conditions.
Circumstances such as these prompted BCG to take on the international Save the Children Alliance as a pro bono client. Over the last 14 years, BCG has worked on approximately a dozen projects for the charity…The largest of these projects is called Unified Presence. Save the Children has 27 national organizations …Each of the 27 organizations operates essentially on its own… Save the Children saw an opportunity to strengthen its impact by unifying the individual organizations, and through Unified Presence, BCG is helping to make that happen…
“When we do a transformational project, we’re usually transforming a business to increase value for the shareholders. It’s thrilling to transform the world and make it a better place. I find it makes people happy to be a part of BCG. It would be a waste not to do this.”