Purpose-Driven Media and Markets?

This is a surprising crossing of the streams. In my other persona as an Open Source hacker, I religiously (okay, bad word choice here šŸ™‚ follow the O’Reilly Radar, where I was surprised to see a reference to;

purpose-driven media, with a shout-out to Rick Warren, the author of “A Purpose-Driven Life,”
followed by another reference to morality, as articulated by Doc Searls:
I think some of what we see in Web 2.0 is the morality of generosity.
[Read more] for some additional links about how moral authority may be becoming the new capital for business.

* Nigerian theologian Sayo Ajiboye “Markets are Miracles” (as quoted by Doc Searls)
* Whuffie “reputation as currency”
* Pastoral Capitalism “economy as character-formation”
* Capitalism 2.0 “sustainably create value for all stakeholders”