iBook Evangelism

Not exactly on topic, but a pretty cool work-related story some of you might enjoy.

[The following is in fact a true story, though due to my fallible memory some of the details may be a little off.]

My in-laws were visiting a woman that goes to their church in India, but whose husband did not (and hadn’t shown any interest in spiritual things). My father-in-law tried to strike up a conversation with him, but didn’t get anywhere until he casually mentioned that his son-in-law worked for Apple.

All of a sudden, his ears perked up! It turns out they use Macs at his office, and he had long wanted to get one for personal use. They had a long chat about it, and the upshot is that my father-in-law contacted me for a discount. So, I worked through various people in order to get him a good price on an iBook (in India, my wife’s father’s friend’s husband qualifies as a close relation :-). He was thrilled to get it. Afterwards, he would talk frequently with my father-in-law, and started attending church and the Alpha Course. He recently contacted me directly to buy an e-Bible as a gift for my father-in-law.

His wife sent me a special message through my mother-in-law, thanking me for the dramatic transformation in her husband’s life — which all began with an iBook!

God works in mysterious ways. 🙂