Shout Out to Patrick

This is just a quick note to thank my friend Patrick for his kind words about my blog (and me). [Read more] for the story of how we know each other.

I met Patrick through Lake Avenue Church in Pasadena, where I was on the advisory board for the College Life ministry (having finally graduated myself after seven years of graduate school). I believe Kara was our intern (interim?) college pastor, and when I expressed interest in getting back into mentoring she hooked me up with Patrick. I believe he was part of their worship ministry at the time, and he gave me my first introduction to Ska and other 1990’s music.

Anyway, I think I only mentored him for a few months in 1996, but through an odd turn of events he actually rented my old condo after I moved up to San Jose to work for Apple (probably in 1998). It is nice to reconnect, even if only by blog.

It used to be I’d only keep up with old friends who had emails; soon I fear I’ll only be able to keep track of friends who have blogs!