Kenneth James Sniecinski’s Personal Blurb

My friend Kenneth (whose poetry periodically appears in this blog) recent sent out a letter, which concluded with a brief personal/biography: Concluding, I give a very brief bio in hopes U will share it with male and female advocates, as well as any female who may be interested/curious about this male.Click [Read More] to read about Kenneth and his dreams, in his own words; contact me if you’d like to know more.

Former Scout & U.S. Marine Cpl w/Good Conduct Medal etc.Typically blonde mustache & glabrous, hazel-eyed male born ’62.  LOVES family, friends, cooking, hiking, Yosemite etc., swimming, mountain biking, Art, music (classic & Christian) etc. Love to enjoy: a zephyr’s caress on a moonlit beach etc., Warmth, Intellect, Playfulness, Virtue, Kindness, Compassion, and Passion of a dynamic female, that I may embrace her soul and she mine — hoping to culminate monogamous ardent LOVE— to where I can help bring her dreams to fruition — and she to encourage mein my dreams. Love to have my art & poetry copyrighted and published — start other Businesses, finish University Studies until Ph.D., Become a Professor, Author and learn about many other topics like health & nutrition, dance, and record music etc.SOME TRAITS:Ineluctably veracious, benevolent & hortative. Autodidactic, keen listener, gregarious, magnanimous, impecunious yet philanthropic, irenic, circumspectly perspicacious, spontaneous, tenacious, pertinacious to the last thread of faith–justice–&–Amor Vincit Omnia. Am affable, loyal, w/immense integrity & responsibility as an advocate of family & community with many IDEAS to eradicate poverty and the crimes against the poor ETC. Humorous too!For over 8 years my dreams deferred to flagitiously fabricated lies the perniciously mendacious CDC guard used to illegally influence his cohorts; that he and they committed vile crimes to feign innocence of the so-called “plaintiff” he created — covering up truth of incommensurable situation by using coercion and other obstructions of justice etc. to falsely imprison me (topic of first two books — the other the anthology of oppression).If there is just a chance U may want to help me tell how I am falsely-imprisoned, and then should U wish to question such as well, I welcome that too; be it female or male advocate of truth and justice, I shall appreciatively welcome U’r compassion and mercy and cherish U’r gracious soul. Write to:
Kenneth James Sniecinskifi K67209 PO BOX 8103, 7258San Luis Obispo, CA 93409
Love, U’r friend,Kenneth James Sniecinskiwith many Ideas, and of course humorousOctober 11th, 2005